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  • Walk in Showers for Seniors

    Simply for Elders’ Wellbeing

    Walk in Showers for SeniorsWeak, decrepit, and useless – that’s how some of our senior housemates used to feel as soon as they reach their golden age. They become physically, emotionally, and mentally sensitive with all the things and people around them. Extra care and assistance should be given to them to ease the pain and weakness that they feel.

    To give convenience and extra care for the elders, walk in showers for seniors were made for their physical needs, especially for those who are already in their wheelchairs. These showers feature a suitable level access that has no ledge for easy entry, as well as a foldable entrance door that gives wheelchair an easier access inside the room. Walk in showers for seniors also features a fold down chair for those who want to sit and relax while having a shower. The flow of water is also thermostatically controlled to prevent the scalding supply of it. An integral shower rail with curtain was also provided to prevent water splashing and gives total privacy.  Anti – slip shower tray was also one of its features to ensure the safety of our grandparents.

    Walk in showers for seniors provide superb convenience not only because it provides a personalized accessible bathing area for our senior housemates, but it also lessens the risk of injury that may occur while taking a shower. It also gives a comfortaWalk in Showers for Seniors styleble bathing experience while retaining seniors’ confidence and independence, for they don’t have to ask help from the others just to do their everyday bathe routine. Walk in showers for seniors are surely one of the best yet simple inventions created to show love and concern for our beloved ones.

    It’s not easy being old, and we certainly don’t want to be old, but it’s already part of our lives ever since God created the world. We don’t have a choice but to face it and learn to live with that fact. So let’s give our unconditional love and pure understanding for our beloved seniors to make them feel that life is still worth living and easy to deal with.

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